Do you have a favorite program or ministry on our stations? Let them know by emailing them today through our website and receive a FREE Bible or FREE Christian Book.  To receive the Free Gift, select your local station from the list below and then click on the “program schedule” tab to get started. From our program schedule click on your favorite program which will open our email contact form.  After you complete the form click on the Send Message button at the bottom.  Then, to receive your FREE Bible or FREE Christian book email or call toll-free 1-888-989-2299.  There is no cost for shipping your Free Bible or Free Book and no other cost involved. If you need help emailing your favorite radio ministries, please call Denise toll-free at 1-888-989-2299 for assistance.

Below are our markets.  For more information about a particular station and to view the coverage area, click on any of the station links below.

All broadcasts are local times.


Wilkins Radio Network consists of 30 stations located in major and medium markets throughout the US reaching 20.3 million people. All of the Wilkins Radio stations are dedicated to the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the broadcasting of Teaching and Talk programming.