Wilkins Radio Network salutes

Revival For End Times,

our featured Ministry of the Month.

Wilkins Radio Network salutes Revival For End Times – our featured Ministry of the Month.  This ministry’s mission is ‘Sharing the Truth of the Gospel’.  Desiring to present the plan of salvation as clearly as possible to those who would receive it, the variety of speakers showcased on this broadcast focus on answering the question, “Who Is Jesus”?  To learn more about this ministry, visit their website at

Listen to Revival For End Times at the times listed below.  Revival For End Times – Wilkins Radio Network’s Ministry of the Month.

KLNG Monday 6:00PM
WLMR Sunday   12:00PM
WSKY Saturday 3:00PM
WFAM Monday 6:30AM
WBXR Friday 8:30AM
WELP Wednesday 9:30AM
KCNW Saturday 2:00PM
WWNL Friday 1:30PM
WBRI Sunday 5:30PM
WYYC Sunday 4:00PM
WIJD Monday 1:00PM
WNVY Thursday 8:30AM
WVTJ Sunday 1:30PM
WCPC Monday 9:30AM
WITK Sunday 11:00AM
KWDF Sunday 6:00AM
KIOU Sunday 3:00PM
WDZY Sunday 11:30AM
KKIM Sunday 5:30PM
KERI Saturday 6:00PM