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Wilkins Radio Network salutes Beacon Of Truth with Reuben Esh – our featured Ministry of the Month.  Reuben Esh is the senior pastor of Beacon of Truth Church in Richmond, Kansas. The church has become home base for the Eshes as they travel worldwide doing the work of the ministry. Brother Esh travels the nations with a message of preparation to the body of Christ. He ministers the gospel with a demonstration of the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit.

According to Bishop Esh, “We are a non-denominational ministry committed to presenting the whole council of God’s Word with the inspiration and unction of the Holy Spirit. We exist to advance the kingdom of God in the hearts of individuals who desire truth without the opinions, doctrines, and traditions of man.”

To learn more about this ministry, visit their website at http://www.botmi.org.  Listen to Beacon Of Truth at the times listed below.  Beacon Of Truth – Wilkins Radio Network’s Ministry of the Month.

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KLNG Omaha Sat 8:00-8:30AM          WWNL Pittsburgh Sat 4:30-5:00PM          WBRI Indianapolis Sat 4:30-5:00PM   WDZY Richmond Mon 3:00-3:30PM          KKIM Albuquerque Sun 4:00-4:30PM       KERI Bakersfield Sun 5:00-5:30PM                  WYYC York Sat 7:30-8:00AM                  WIJD Mobile Sat 8:00-8:30PM
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WCPC Tupelo Thu 6:30-7:00PM              KWDF Alexandria Sat 11:00-11:30AM         KIOU Shreveport Sat 8:00-8:30PM
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