Christian Teaching, Preaching, and Talk

Our foundational format is Christian teaching, preaching, and talk radio. This format engages our listeners through a wide variety of gifted Biblical preachers, teachers, and speakers. Each one of our broadcast partners connects to listeners across the nation encouraging them to grow in their personal Christian walk; as well as pointing out the Biblical perspectives and responses to the culture we live in today. These well-informed and engaging listeners respond to the daily ministry programming of our broadcast partners, showing their support by calling, writing, and financially giving to those ministries regularly. This format offers daily encouragement for every stage of life including raising children, building a strong marriage and planning financially for the future, all while sharing the Gospel of Jesus. Many listeners’ lives have been forever changed by the powerful message of this format as they have become both hearers and doers of the Word.

To learn more about placing your radio ministry on any of our stations email Denise at  or call toll free 888-989-2299.